U. S. Green Building Council

  • Location:Washington, D.C.
  • Designer:Acorn Sign Graphics
  • Completed:2012 - Ongoing
  • Sign Types:LEED iconography system graphics; related designs for educational signage supporting project teams seeking Innovation in Design credit through informational signage and programs

Enriching LEED storytelling through iconography. An extraordinary graphic design accomplishment that brings to life through the visual language of icons the intent of specific LEED credits or credit groupings. The entire collection of LEED credit icons created by Acorn Sign Graphics is available at http://new.usgbc.org/resources/images. Or contact us for assistance incorporating the iconography in signage!

Our Challenge: Enable the Creative Director at USGBC to realize his vision to develop a LEED iconography system “to graphically depict the richness and diversity of LEED in all aspects of its implementation.” We needed to understand each credit and design an individual icon for over 300 criteria across every LEED rating system, manage the design effort of over two years, and be ready to launch with the new USGBC website.

Deliverable: Design black and white, color, and colorized web gradient graphic modes providing flexibility for using the icons across multiple graphics platforms and applications.

Something we think is cool: We see enormous potential in how these icons may be applied in informational signage to add greater interest and engagement. We are so encouraged by the excitement of the clients we have assisted in their LEED informational signage programs that we have developed standardized sign types to provide ideas for how to incorporate the icons. We are honored to support the USGBC’s internationally recognized efforts to create certification standards and promote green building. We hope that over time, many of the icons will be as instantly recognizable as the recycle icon is today!