Design & Planning

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    Award Winning Design

    Amongst the best in the industry, the designers at Acorn Sign Graphics have a record of winning national design awards.


    Creative Vision

    The ASG design team has a strong sense of vision for connecting people with places.


    Practical Innovation

    ASG performs a comprehensive review of our customers' goals and plans in order to create the most effective sign system for each project.

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    Detailed Planning

    In order to ensure that signs are manufactured according to our clients' design preferences and requirements, they need to be visualized in a three dimensional space.

  • ASG’s full repertoire of Design and Planning Services includes:

    A&D Support—design consultation, drawings and sign package specifications for architects and designers
    Branding and logo design for signs-translating your identity to signage
    Custom sign design - for one sign or multiple sign types
    Customizable standard ASG sign packages
    Consultation about Americans with Disabilities Act requirements
    Fabrication Drawings-fully developed front and side profiles and specs
    Environmental Graphic Design for interior and exterior spaces-wayfinding to creative interpretation
    Samples and prototypes
    Sign Audits and Sign Surveys
    Sign Permitting
    Going Green-sustainability consultation for LEED projects and eco-friendly sign solutions