The Finishing Touch.

Installation may be the last step in the manufacturing process, but it is the first step towards unveiling the identity for which the customer has been striving. No matter how well a sign is fabricated, quality installation and perfect placement must complete the process.

Total Confidence.

To ensure that our signs are installed properly, Acorn Sign Graphics employs a team of trained professional installers. They are knowledgeable in Americans with Disabilities Act code compliance and work carefully with measurements and templates to accurately locate each sign according to specifications. Our installers always use appropriate mounting methods, fasteners, and anchors to ensure that each sign stays secure for years to come.

Timely Scheduling.

Logistical considerations are an important factor in installation. Depending on the project, pre-installation visits to determine underground utilities or structural conditions may be scheduled. Install planning may require coordination of painting, masonry or electrical work. And ASG makes every effort to schedule installation at the convenience of our clients, especially when it is necessary to meet for site placement or gain access to facilities, or when timing is critical for events, openings, dedications and other deadlines.

Have an Out-of-Town Project?

The ASG installation team will travel to complete installation projects. However, in circumstances where it is more cost effective for our clients to use local installers, ASG employs qualified installers using our wide-sweeping industry contacts.

Alternatively, when a customer wishes to arrange for installation themselves, we safely crate and ship signs nationally and internationally.